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Earth Day Hamper with The Botanist Gin

Earth Day Hamper 

in partnership with our friends from The Botanist

Congratulations on being one of our Earth Day winners. As lovers of all things eco, you are all winners anyway, but it’s nice to receive a lovely box of ethically-sourced treats to open anyway…

Below you’ll find an ingredients list, instructions on how to prepare your Earth Day cocktails, made with Islay dry gin from The Botanist, plus your sustainable Retired Hen Kiev (and friends).

We’ve also included the eco creds of all of our chosen ingredients and packaging, so you know you’re in sustainable hands. Thanks for taking part. We hope you enjoy your meal and HAPPY EARTH DAY!

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Please pop everything in the fridge when the box arrives.

1. Islands Chocolate Mousse with Whey Caramel  ·  2. Raw Rapeseed Oil Potatoes  ·  3.  Retired Hen Kiev with Wild Garlic and Unwanted Butter  ·  4. Vegetable Quavers  ·  5. Watercress & Garlic Crème Fraîche   ·  6. Second Use Coffee Cookies   ·  7. Raw Rapeseed Oil   ·  8. Sauerkraut Trimmings   ·  9. Overgrown Chives   ·  10. Chicken Jelly Sauce   ·  11. Pickled Wild Garlic Pesto   ·  12. Herbal Tea Tin  ·  13. Rhubarb Cordial  ·  14. Nettle Cordial   ·  15. Mini Dinner Candle   ·  16. Dried Flower Bunch  ·  17. The Botanist Gin 20cl   ·  18. Seed Card   ·  19.  Foraging Booklets from The Botanist


Follow along as our head chef Mark Tuttiett shows you how to apply the finishing touches to your Earth Day supper.


Rhubarb Gin & Tonic

  1. Mix 50ml Rhubarb Cordial with 50ml The Botanist gin and top with with tonic.

Nettle Gimlet

  1. You’ll want this to be served in a cool glass. So before you start making your drinks, stick your serving glass in the freezer.
  2. Meanwhile, stir 50ml nettle cordial with 50ml The Botanist gin over ice. 
  3. Strain into your chilled glass, (ideally a coupe or coupette)!


Let’s start with the box…  We use WoolCool thermal insulated packaging. The boxes themselves are both reusable and recyclable, but the best bit is the filler. WoolCool’s insulation is made from 100% pure sheep’s wool. The wool is sustainable, compostable, and due to the genius of mother nature, far more effective than other solutions at keeping contents consistently colder for longer.  The wool’s biodegradable properties mean that at the end of the liner’s life, the wool component can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. Regardless of where the liner ends up, even if ultimately this is in landfill, within 6-12 months, the Wool will have broken down, never to be seen again. Pretty neat, right?

Ice ice, baby… Our Puffin Ice Packs are 100% recyclable and are made with bio-marine content, giving them a carbon footprints 5x lower than other ice packs on the market. The materials are also BRC Grade certified, if we’re getting really technical.

And the parcel tape?  Yep, this is also fully recyclable and free from any animal products. That’s because it’s made from kraft paper rather than plastic.

Your Biopac containers… are sustainably sourced and fully compostable. They’re made from sugarcane pulp you see (a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Remember, plants not oil, people.

The stuff of legend… We’ve used straw for stuffing, which is a by-product of the farming industry and fully compostable, while the scrumpled up brown paper sheets are recyclable.

Jar bless…  We recycled your pesto jars, so you can too. They make great vases, beakers, tea light holders, or – get this – jars…

Air tight eco creds… Your dinner is sealed in biodegradable vacuum eco-pouches, so these can go in the compost too. We traded a free meal for these, so no bank clerks were harmed in the making of these boxes.

Carbon neutral delivery…  DPD promise carbon-neutral delivery, so that’s who we’ve gone with. If you lived down the road we’d drop your box off ourselves, but the UK is a big old collection of islands.


Vegetable ‘Quavers’ with Créme Fraîche Dip
We use vegetable trimmings to make these Earth Day-friendly crisps.

Retired Hen Kiev with Wild Garlic and ‘Unwanted’ Butter, Sauerkraut Trimmings
When your egg-laying hens are ‘spent’ (that’s the industry term) that’s typically the end of the road for these birds, which is a crying shame as retired hens are much tastier than younger chickens, as you’re about to find out. The wild garlic was foraged by us and the ‘unwanted’ butter is made from excess cream that would otherwise have gone in the bin.

Raw Rapeseed Oil Potatoes with Overgrown Chives
Unlike olive oil, rapeseed oil comes from the Home Counties, and as it’s unfiltered, there’s no wastage or machinery involved in its production. As for the chives, the Michelin inspectors love a perfect chive. We’re not so fussed, so we use the chives that other kitchens turn other noses up at. The taste? Well it’s exactly the same, isn’t it?

Islands Chocolate Mousse with Whey Caramel and Second Use Coffee Cookies
This is a truly guilt-free dessert. Islands chocolate is sailed over from the Caribbean so it’s carbon neutral, while the whey caramel is another kitchen by-product that would otherwise be thrown away. The cookies, meanwhile, are made with used coffee grounds. Infinity biscuits, basically.

Pickled Wild Garlic Pesto
This one you can save for later. Add it to pastas or simply spread on toast with a big old hunk of cheese for the perfect snack. All the ingredients are sourced from the UK, including the wild garlic which we picked with our own fair hands.

The Botanist Gin
Certified B Corp, The Botanist is distilled on the island of Islay using 22 hand-foraged local botanicals. The result is a dry gin of impeccable quality and taste. They’re one of the good guys, which is something we can drink to.

Nettle Cordial
From nettles like these that taste like peaches, to weeds that taste like pineapples, there’s an abundance of incredible flavours hiding in plain sight right on your doorstep. You just need to know where to look.

Rhubarb Cordial
It’s easy as anything to make delicious home made cordials from any left over fruit. Just toss the leftover peelings, cores and stalks into one part sugar and one part water, and bring to the boil until the sugar dissolves.

Fever Tree Tonic
It’s tonic water, with an ethical, sustainable stance that we can get behind.


Seed Cards
These are hand-crafted using milled paper embedded with native British wildflower seeds. They’re perfect for pollinators, and when planted, the paper will compost away to leave only beautiful flowers.

Dried Flower Bunch
A long-lasting alternative to cut flowers, we make use what’s left over from our events at Carousel to produce these lovely little bunches.

Mini Dinner Candle
These McKinley & Paget candles are made from 100% rapeseed oil, produced from non-GM crops grown in the UK, France and Germany, giving the wax a much lower carbon footprint than your regular coconut wax.

Herbal Tea Tins
We make our own teas. Why? Because loose leaf is less environmentally impactful than bags and the tin packaging makes for a great reusable container. Thanks for asking…


Don’t forget to tag us in your photos @Carousel_LDN & @TheBotanistGin

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