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Flavour Boosting Ingredients

Flavour Boosting Ingredients

Chefs’ Faves: Giving their food that little extra somethin’ somethin’, these are the umami-dropping, flavour-enhancing, lip-smacking ingredients that our chefs just can’t live without…

Mark – Sherry Vinegar

‘I use this to finish almost anything – pasta, pies, sauces and gravies, even some desserts. It instantly lifts a dish and brings all the flavours together perfectly.’

Mark portrait
Copy of Will

Will – Dijon Mustard

I have an addiction to Maille Dijon mustard. If my pot’s empty I have problems. I eat it with everything from braised cabbage to Welsh rarebit. Irreplaceable.’

Keir – White Miso

‘The king of that savoury, sweet combo. I love adding it to desserts for a salty touch. It’s an umami tsunami…’ (NB said in a thick Scottish accent)

Keir portrait
Sam portrait

Sam – Watercress

‘My favourite leaf. Intensely peppery, with a really distinct flavour – banging with mackerel.’

Ollie – Fermented fruits, herbs and veg

‘For me adding some fermented fruits/herbs/vegetables or their brine can really make simple dishes shine. One of my favourite examples of this that we’ve done in the restaurant is using wild plums. We ferment them when they’re lovely and ripe and blend them into a butter emulsion using the brine-y water and the fruit for an extra kick. Use this to steam mussels or greens – the flavour is ridiculous.’

Copy of ollie 2
Copy of Tara

Tara – Lemon juice

‘Used alongside a pinch of salt, lemon juice really boosts the flavour of cooked meat and salads. Just before you’re ready to serve, give a good squeeze and toss well.’

Alessandro – Coriander seeds

‘I love coriander seeds. Used whole, they’re great for pickling but toasted and ground they bring an aromatic yet robust nuttiness to all sorts of Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern foods.’

Alessandro portrait

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