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Tommy Forster

July 2017

Tommy and our very own Ollie Templeton met at Moro back in 2011 and have been as thick as thieves ever since, their friendship fuelled by a passion for great food and niche electronic music. Ollie went on to co-found Carousel, while Tommy set off on a journey around the world cooking at trend-setting places like Roberta’s (NYC), Koya (London) and Clamato (Paris).

Back in 2017, they teamed up again, with a menu showcasing their commitment to seasonal ingredients, gutsy flavours and open flames with a super fun tasting menu of no fewer than nine “bang bang” dishes, each one with a different story to tell, from Tommy’s ‘Peach, Langoustine Vinaigrette and Stracciatella’ (Cooking in Brooklyn) to Ollie’s ‘Swaledale Beef Short Rib, Summer Leafs and Prickly Oil’ (Summer BBQs and growing herbs).

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From bona fide legends to the superstars of tomorrow, each week we welcome a new chef into the Carousel family.

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