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Saturday 30th March

'Preserving the Japanese Way' Miso Masterclass with Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Californian food writer, Nancy Singleton Hachisu, moved to Japan in 1988 after falling in love with a farmer from Saitama. Her husband and her adopted home – a rural 85-year old farmhouse – have provide Nancy with endless inspiration for her cooking. Over the years she’s become one of the world’s leading authorities on Japanese cuisine, with three bestselling cookbooks that aim to preserve the country’s disappearing culinary traditions.

In this exclusive Carousel masterclass, Nancy will teach you how to make your own miso by hand, using an age-old method and specialist tools. Using organic soy beans, koji and salt from the legendary Yamaki Jozo, you’ll prepare your ‘mash’ which you’ll take home and leave to happily ferment in a beautiful ceramic croc. Three months later, you’ll have an intensely rich paste that will transform even the simplest of dishes into complex, umami-fied treats.

Nancy will also talk you through two different processes to make shoyu (soy sauce) while you sample some authentic Japanese dishes, each one illustrating the wonderful ways you can use your miso at home. Miso-cured egg with Wadaman 7-spice (as seen on Netflix smash hit, ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’), breakfast radish with brown rice miso and baby carrot with barley miso, all served with ume-furikake rice balls and washed down with barley tea.


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