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Friday 7th June

Frieze Academy: How to Curate an Exhibition

We're pleased as punch to be collaborating with the coolest (and artiest) kids on the block - Frieze Academy - who are hosting a series of talks and discussions at Carousel led by some of the most influential people in the biz. This workshop, led by Amira Gad (Exhibitions Curator, Serpentine Galleries), will explore the evolving role of a curator and the exhibition landscape of today, delving into the decision-making process around curating an exhibition and looking at real-life case study guest speaker Eleanor Nairne (Curator, Barbican Art Gallery).

What will I learn?
– What the role of a curator means and how it has evolved over time.
– Different approaches to curating and curation projects.
– The ways a curator can confront and balance certain challenges.
– Approach to, and feedback on, curating a hypothetical exhibition.
– Gain hands-on insights into what the role entails and how successful professionals approach their work.
– Leave with a greater understanding of how to approach curation.

How will I learn?
– Presentations
– Q&A
– Group scenarios
– Case studies

Who should attend?
The Masterclass has been created with the whole spectrum of the creative industries in mind; from art to fashion, interiors, cultural experiences, graphic design, architecture, photography and beyond. It is suitable for all levels and all disciplines, however it would be particularly useful for participants who want to understand and build on their knowledge around curating exhibitions.

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