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21st and 22nd of July

Dumpling Making with Chinese Laundry

After their knockout residency in our restaurant in April, the creative brains behind Chinese Laundry, Peiran Gong and Tongtong Ren, are back... this time round with a series of dumpling making masterclasses.

Whilst the downright deliciousness of dumplings means we may consider them an everyday dish, the intricacy and time that goes into preparing and sculpting each of these pockets of flavour means they also often act as a symbol of reunion for many Chinese households, as family members come together to prepare and eat them, especially at festival time.

The girls will take you through the steps for sculpting and cooking traditional dumplings, with an unlimited flow of Chinese tea to keep you feeling fresh and focused throughout the session. They’ll demonstrate how to make the perfect pastry from scratch, before helping you to fold beautiful Hún Tún 馄饨 (square shaped dumplings with a thin pastry, similar to a wonton) and Jiǎozi 饺子 (a round dumpling with a thicker pastry) with the techniques they’ve been using since childhood.

At the end of the session you’ll have the chance to see (and taste) all your hard work pay off as you chow down on your own delicious handmade creations, which will be served with a seaweed and shrimp soup, tahini dressing, chilli oil and a drink. You’ll even have a few dumplings leftover to take home and share with friends!

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