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17th November Saturday workshops start at 11am and 3pm

Calligraphy for the New and Curious

Join stationery designer Alice Gabb for an introductory class to the art of Modern Calligraphy. Guests will receive teas and coffees to ensure steady hands, materials for the session and a beginners' kit to take home.

This is a beginners’ workshop, which will start with an introduction to good technique and some nib knowledge. Alice will then guide guests through some practice exercises, moving on to letterforms, and by the end of the session everyone will be able to write their name, or a favourite quote, in Modern Calligraphy, with Alice always on hand for assistance.

Please note: Being able to learn Modern Calligraphy has nothing to do with having nice handwriting – as long as you have plenty of patience, anyone can learn! The ink which will be used is permanent so please bear that in mind when picking what you wear (sleeves and wrists in particular can be at risk of getting ink on them).

Why not follow up your workshop with a delicious lunch in the Carousel restaurant.

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