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Friday Nights In with Carousel – Flatbreads

Friday Nights In with Carousel


You’re all set for Friday’s falafel cook along. Almost. Be sure to pop some ice in the freezer for your cocktails and get your kitchen equipment ready in advance.

Feel free to familiarise yourselves with the different steps before we go live but remember, it’s a cook along, so no skipping ahead!

If you get stuck, you can add any burning questions to the comments. We’ll be fielding those as we go along. Good luck!

Tune in this Friday 26th February from 7pm on our Instagram – that’s @Carousel_LDN IGTV folks – and follow along live or watch back on IGTV if you’re putting the kids to bed.



Please pop everything in the fridge when the box arrives.

1. Welcome Cocktail  ·  2. Pickled Turnip Mix  ·  3. Flour  ·  4. Yoghurt  ·  5. Baking Powder and Salt Mix ·  6. Oil  ·  7. Falafel Mix  ·  8. Mint Infused Botanist Gin   ·  9. Sugar & Za’atar Mix  ·  10. Pomegranate Liqueur  ·  11. Cucumber Juice  ·  12. Confit Garlic Yoghurt  ·  13. Burnt Chilli Salsa  ·  14. Parsley Salad  ·  15. Salted Onions  ·  16. Roasted Beetroot  ·  17. Feta and Dill Dressing  ·  18. Boozy Blood Orange Cake 


  Bread  ·  Lemon


Welcome Cocktail

Fill a glass with ice, ideally a tumbler, and pour in your pre-made welcome drink #1. This fresh, gin-based cocktail is made using The Botanist Gin, white port, lemon juice and mint.

Harissa Dressed Pickled Turnips

Cut open bag #2 containing the Harissa Dressed Tokyo Turnips with Salted Cucumber. Put them into a bowl and give them a mix. Enjoy as a snack while you cook or as a starter when you sit down to eat.

Falafel Flatbreads with Confit Garlic Yoghurt, Burnt Chilli Dressing and Parsley


Preheat the oven to 100C.

Prepare a tray with some kitchen paper or a wire rack to put the falafel on after cooking and place to one side.

To make the flatbread dough, mix the flour #3, the yoghurt #4 and the baking powder and salt mix #5 and knead into a smooth dough. Hold back 10% of the flour and yoghurt so you have enough to adjust the dough, depending on how it comes together.

Put the oil #6 in a wok or a saucepan on a low heat. The aim is to slowly bring the temperature up, ready for frying the falafel later on. 

Place the falafel mix #7 into a bowl and start shaping it into 4 even balls (or 8 if you’ve got a box for 2). Flatten them slightly with the palm of your hand. When done, set aside for frying. 

Clear a surface with enough room to roll the flatbreads out. Divide your dough into 2 equal balls (or 4 if there’s 2 of you). Dust the top of each dough ball with some flour. Press down on the dough with your fingertips, rotating the ball so that the dough keeps its round shape as best you can. Then roll it out into a flat pizza shape. Cut a piece of parchment and stack the breads on top of each other ready for cooking. 


Take a flat frying pan and put it on a high heat to cook the flatbreads. Wait for it to be very hot before carefully adding one flatbread to the pan at a time. Bubbles should appear as it starts to cook. Wait around 30-40 seconds before flipping it onto the other side and repeating the process. Set aside and cook the second flatbread.

Now move onto frying the falafel. First we need to test the temperature of the oil: drop the bread provided into the oil, it should go golden in about 15 seconds, meaning the oil is roughly 180C. If the bread takes longer to go golden, crank up the heat or if it takes less time, then turn off the heat for a few minutes to allow the oil to cool down a bit.

Add the falafel 2 at a time so they have space to fry evenly and let them turn golden brown before turning them over. Once fully cooked, use a slotted spoon to carefully place them onto your pre-prepared baking tray and pop them in the oven to keep warm while you cook the other falafels.

Flavours of the Middle East Cocktail

Take a peeler and peel off a nice strip of lemon rind and put it to one side. Cut the lemon in half.

Pour out the sugar and za’atar mix #9 onto a small plate. Take your glass and gently coat the rim by pressing it into the lemon. Then push your glass upside down into the sugar za’atar mix to coat the rim evenly. 

Fill your glass with ice and then add in the mint infused Botanist gin #8, za’atar infused pomegranate liqeuer #10, cucumber juice #11 and the juice squeezed from half the lemon.

Gently fold the lemon rind near the top of your cocktail to express out the lemon oils. Then finish by twirling it into a spiral and dropping it into the top of your cocktail.

The finishing touches…

Remove the roasted beetroot #16 from the bag and dress with the feta and dill dressing #17, put it into a serving bowl ready to eat with the wraps.

To serve, take a square of tin foil and place the warm flatbread in the centre of it. Spread the confit garlic yoghurt #12 and the burnt chilli salsa #13 on the flatbread evenly, then place the falafels on top. Finish off with some parsley and turnip top salad #14 and salted onions #15. Now roll and eat…

Boozy Blood Orange Cake

We’ve included a little something sweet to end your meal….so tuck into #18 for dessert. Enjoy!

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