Wild Life Drawing with Jennie Webber

It’s life drawing but not as you know it. Instead of human life models, creatures great and small come to ‘sit’ for us…or not, in the case of Jemima the micro pig.
Artist and animal lover, Jennie Webber, will guide you through the ins and outs of sketching animals from life be it wolf-dogs, corn snakes or baby owls. Throughout the session you’ll also hear from experts about the animals, their habitat and distinct characteristics.
The animal’s welfare is of the highest priority and their handlers always come along too, making sure they’re comfortable throughout the class. Species attending the session are subject to change as only happy and healthy animals are brought along.
Additionally, a proportion of each ticket sold will go directly towards benefitting the animals with a donation to the associated charity or sanctuary, which work to rehabilitate and rehome your new friends.

Aerial Predators

Saturday 26th January
11am and 2pm

We’re kicking off the year with a exciting range of aerial predators, from majestic Lanner Falcons to Harris Hawks and Barn Owls. An expert bird handler will be here to talk you through their anatomy, unique characteristics and how they’ve evolved to become powerful hunters. You'll also be given tips on where to spot them in the wild and current conservation issues affecting them.

Each of the birds come with their own, individual personalities and you'll go away with some great drawings and a new found respect and admiration for these beautiful birds.


Monday 25th February

Tiny Scops Owls, American Kestrels and some Little Owls will be making their way to Marylebone for another engaging session of Wild Life Drawing.

In a fascinating talk from an experienced falconer, you’ll learn all about the anatomy and habitats of micro-birds, as well as where to spot them in the wild. You’ll then get down to drawing and sketching under Jennie’s expert eye.

As usual, the handlers’ priority is the wellbeing of the animals throughout the class, so this is a wonderful opportunity to get up close and discover their distinct personalities. It’s also a chance to hear about their work with the RSPCA to rehabilitate and re-release some of the birds just like those you’ll meet.

Wild Life Drawing was founded by Jennie Webber, a London-based artist and animal lover, with the aim of inspiring appreciation and understanding for the natural world through creativity. All levels welcome, from experienced drawers to complete beginners. Tips, tricks and creative guidance will be offered throughout the class and all drawing materials are supplied.

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