Our open kitchen is home to an ever-changing line-up of talented chefs from around the world who share our philosophy on what eating out should be all about: amazing cooking, friendly service, a relaxed environment and a shared experience from one table to the next.

Starting with Ollie in the kitchen - who has the enviable task of curating the line-up - our team works closely with the resident chefs to ensure that no matter who’s cooking, the Carousel personality is always at the heart of the experience.

Advanced bookings mean less food wastage, which is a good thing for us but an even better thing for the planet.

One sitting - doors open at 7pm for a 7.45pm start.


Fallow 12th - 23rd November


12th - 23rd November

Say hello to Jack Croft and Will Murray, the very talented fellows behind the very awesome Fallow, one of the hottest new restaurant projects in London right now. The pair met on the veg section at two-Michelin-star Dinner, where they received a first class education in British food at its glorious best. Imaginative dishes like the tasty-as-all-hell 'Chicken Scratchings' and 'Goat Rib Soutribbetjie and Relish’ showcase Jack and Will’s bold, modern flavours and their commitment to using every part of the animal, in particular the bits that other kitchens would throw away. For these two Brixton boys, it’s all about elevating humble produce to thrilling new heights, which is something we can definitely get on board with. Where they lead, others will almost certainly fallow follow. Make sure you're one of the first.

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Christmas by Carousel 26th November - 19th December

Christmas by Carousel

26th November - 19th December

And you thought our menu last year was good... This Christmas we’re on a mission to feed you like your own mothers (if your mothers were mega-talented, YBF-nominated chefs with places like Kitchen Table, Clove Club and Fera on their CVs). Incorporating some rather fantastic ideas of our own with influences from our all-time favourite guest chefs, dishes like ‘Raw Cornish Scallop with Turnip, Green Almond and Gooseberries’ (a holy trinity of sweetness, acidity and crunch) or our ‘Duck Ragù Open Raviolo with Parmesan Foam’ (best described as a magnificent DIY lasagne) are exactly what this time of year should be all about.

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Nuno Mendes 5th - 9th November

Nuno Mendes

5th - 9th November

Nuno Mendes needs no introduction. The gastronomic pioneer behind The Loft Project (the original platform for up and coming chef talent from around the world), Viajante, Chiltern Firehouse, Taberna do Mercado and Mãos, the Portuguese icon has dedicated his life to curating ever more immersive experiences for his guests. Continuing his exploration of the diversity and rich cultural tapestry of Portuguese cuisine, Nuno's five nights at Carousel will showcase his lifelong passion for the flavours of Goa with a jaw-dropping tasting menu featuring the likes of ‘Prawn Stuffed Poppadoms’, ‘Monkfish Tail with Xec Xec’ and ‘Suckling Pig Vindalho’.

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METLBARCELONA 31st October – 2nd November


31st October – 2nd November

METL may sound like a Pantera support act but the word is actually Nahuatl for ‘maguey’, the agave plant responsible for the world’s most epic hangovers. Juan Pescador, the passionate Mexican behind this proudly ephemeral nomadic project, has taken Barcelona by storm with a string of sell-out pop-ups, each one refreshingly different from the last. Juan’s ambition is to bring authentic Mexican food to the fore, working with the best produce he can get his hands on to put his own unique stamp on traditional recipes that taste just as good now as they did five hundred years ago. From smoked guacamole to fish tostadas with ‘recado negro’ sauce, the results are absolutely banging...

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Carcasse x Goatober

22nd - 26th October

Rounding off ‘Goatober’ in style we welcome Michelin-starred meat mecca, Carcasse, into the fold. Master butcher Hendrik Dierendonck rose to prominence supplying quality meats to celebrated restaurants like In de Wulf before opening a rather excellent one of his own. His farm-to-table knowledge underpins the restaurant’s Michelin star. In his own words, “the story of our meat used to come to an end as it left the butcher. Now it continues at our table. The butcher and the restaurant are connected like never before.” Craftsmanship, passion and terroir are at the core of everything they do there and the results are like a meat lover’s psychoactive hallucination. Bring a bib and the number for a reliable taxi. You’re going to need some help getting home.

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