Our open kitchen is home to an ever-changing line-up of talented chefs from around the world who share our philosophy on what eating out should be all about: amazing cooking, friendly service, a relaxed environment and a shared experience from one table to the next.

Starting with Ollie in the kitchen - who has the enviable task of curating the line-up - our team works closely with the resident chefs to ensure that no matter who’s cooking, the Carousel personality is always at the heart of the experience.

Advanced bookings mean less food wastage, which is a good thing for us but an even better thing for the planet.

One sitting - doors open at 7pm for a 7.45pm start.


Smak 19th February - 2nd March


19th February - 2nd March

Proudly focusing on local Norwegian ingredients like Hjerttind reindeer, Lyngen shrimp and Vestfold duck, Smak (meaning ‘taste’), in the far-flung Arctic city of Tromsø, has quickly carved out a reputation as one of Norway’s very best restaurants. Game-changing head chef Espen Ramnestedt showcases local Arctic produce through a combination of classical cooking and modernist techniques, creating seasonal, Michelin-worthy dishes such as ‘Skrei Cod, Smoked Nordvoll Gård Carrot Purée and Sandefjord Smør’ and ‘Reindeer, Finnbiff Sauce and Lingonberry’ that are a wonderfully original celebration of authentically Nordic flavours.

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Whole Beast 5th - 9th March

Whole Beast

5th - 9th March

Using flame, smoke, ember and ash to achieve subtle variances in flavour, pyromaniacs Sam Bryant and Alicja Specjalna (ex-Smoke House & Coal Rooms) have gone all primitive with their new new nose-to-tail concept, Whole Beast, even matching different woods to their chosen cuts of meat to ensure maximum taste. Embrace your inner caveman.

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King Kong Lady 12th - 16th March

King Kong Lady

12th - 16th March

“Adventurous little sister” to cult Barcelona favourite, Bar Brutal, King Kong Lady’s effortless style is impossible to categorise. So the Colombo twins invented a word for it themselves... 'Bistropical': a portmanteau of ‘bistro’ and ‘tropical’. With the opening of KKL in the trendy new Casa Bonay hotel, the pair have created a refreshingly original néo-bistro that finds inspiration in the flavours of South East Asia, Latin America and beyond. Paired with a pretty out there selection of ‘extravagant’ natural wines, head chef Mathieu Perez (a Carousel legend in his own right) will be bringing delicious, produce-led dishes like 'Scallop Ceviche with Leche de Tigre’ to the Carousel table. F*ck yeah!

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Jones 19th - 23rd March


19th - 23rd March

Rising from the ashes of James Henry’s ‘Bones’, acclaimed Parisian néo-bistro ‘Jones’ has earned a cult following in the 11th arrondissement for its regularly changing menus. Talented Englishman Harry Vidler (another St John émigré) mans the pans, producing ultra-seasonal, ultra-sophisticated small plates that are big on flavour without losing any of their elegance. In addition to daintier creations like ‘Mullet Ceviche and Confit Clementine with Basil and Sorrel’ and the deeply umami flavours of his Japanese-inspired 'Miso Cep Broth', Vidler also serves up whacking great (and absolutely terrific) lamb shoulders, whole suckling pigs and meaty pies to share. The Arctic Monkeys soundtrack and the extensive natural wine list only add to the joyful conviviality of it all. We're jonesing for this one already...

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Nancy Singleton Hachisu 26th – 30th March

Nancy Singleton Hachisu

26th – 30th March

Californian food writer, Nancy Singleton Hachisu, moved to Japan in 1988 after falling in love with a farmer from Saitama. Her husband and her adopted home – a rural 85-year old farmhouse – have provided Nancy with endless inspiration for her cooking. Over the years she’s become one of the world’s leading authorities on Japanese culinary traditions, with three bestselling cookbooks that aim to preserve the country’s disappearing traditions. Her much anticipated Carousel residency promises to give us a glimpse into the ‘honest, authentic and full of heart’ cuisine that she fell in love with, with its immaculate technique, subtle flavors and ultra-fresh ingredients.

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Alfie's 2nd - 6th April


2nd - 6th April

Alex McCoy joins us from DC for a second spin on the Carousel. It's been two years since Alex and right hand man Ramin Coles first blew the bl**dy doors off with a fortnight of spicy north-eastern Thai street food, Alfie's-style. They came, they saw and they conquered with electrifying twists on Isaan classics like Gai Yang ‘Ubon Ratchathani’, and now they're ready to do it all over again. Since his first visit, Alex has become DC burger royalty with the opening of Lucky Buns, but it's the flavours of his SE Asian adventures that he turns to when it's time to get a few friends together, crack open some cold ones and get the party started. You do not want to miss this.



Richard Bainbridge 12th - 16th February

Richard Bainbridge

12th - 16th February

Benedicts is a bone fide Norwich institution. The 'little treasure' opened in 2015, the same year Richard shot to fame as a Great British Menu winner. Before opening his own place with wife Katja, the Norfolk native spent four years at The Waterside Inn (***) and five as head chef of Morston Hall (*). Then came Benedicts, a gem of a restaurant with an imaginative approach that's steeped in nostalgia. Witty and delicious riffs on retro classics are joined on the menu by more contemporary creations - think ‘Tim Allen’s South Creake Pork Loin, Confit Belly, Mashed Potato, Brancaster Mussels and Sauce Charcutière’ - that make the most of carefully sourced local produce; in his opinion some of the best in the country. Ours too...

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Ichi 5th - 9th February


5th - 9th February

When the words Nordic and Japanese appear in the same sentence, you already know you’re onto a winner. Ichi is the work of Japanese head chef, Saori Ichihara, and brothers Jesper and Kim Kvarnefält, who collectively have just one goal: to bring new flavours and creative ideas to Stockholm's dining scene. The trio have outdone themselves… The set yōshoku ('Western-style') dinner menu changes according to the seasons, guaranteeing super fresh ingredients and authentic flavours. Winner of the Stella award for Best Female Chef, Saori moved to Sweden from Osaka in 2014, cutting her teeth at some of the country’s most raved about joints - Esperanto (*) and Oaxen Krog (**) included - before going on to open Ichi, meaning 'one' in Japanese.

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't Amsterdammertje 29th January - 2nd February

't Amsterdammertje

29th January - 2nd February

The pretty little village of Loenen aan de Vecht is an unusual location for an exhilaratingly contemporary Michelin-starred restaurant serving imaginative dishes like 'duck liver terrine with smoked teriyaki walnut, white beans in coffee syrup, coffee and caramel crunch and dark chocolate and chestnut ice cream with Pedro Ximénez', but 't Amsterdammertje is full of surprises. After learning his craft under Dutch culinary legends Ron Blaauw, Tonny Berentsen and Jan de Wit, chef André Gerrits took over the restaurant in 2009, transforming the monumental farmhouse into a thoroughly modern destination for "deep, lavish flavours" that pay homage to flavours from around the world.

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