Our open kitchen is home to an ever-changing line-up of talented chefs from around the world who share our philosophy on what eating out should be all about: amazing cooking, friendly service, a relaxed environment and a shared experience from one table to the next.

Starting with Ollie in the kitchen - who has the enviable task of curating the line-up - our team works closely with the resident chefs to ensure that no matter who’s cooking, the Carousel personality is always at the heart of the experience.

Advanced bookings mean less food wastage, which is a good thing for us but an even better thing for the planet.

One sitting - doors open at 7pm for a 7.45pm start.


Kevin O’Connor

16th - 27th July

Raised in California, Kevin O’Connor spent his childhood hunting, gathering and foraging in the Sierra Foothills. After oui-cheffing his way through Michelin-starred kitchens like Saison and Coi for ten years, Kevin has gone full circle, returning to the simpler flavours of his upbringing as ‘Chef at Large’ for Cobram Estate. Ever the adventurist, he always prefers an open fire to a stove, working with the freshest single varietal olive oils in the game to create hella good “wood fired fare with a respect for Californian ethos”. If ‘beef cheeks glazed in a charred grape jus with plum and grilled onion’ don’t get your mouth awaterin’, there’s nothing more we can do for you.

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Flynn McGarry GEM, NYC 30th July - 10th August

Flynn McGarry

30th July - 10th August

At just twelve years old “teen wonder” Flynn McGarry started running a supper club out of his mother’s home in LA, inspired by the recipes of his hero Thomas Keller. Experience followed at Eleven Madison Park, Alinea and Alma, punctuated by features in The New Yorker and Time magazine. All before his 18th birthday. After finishing high school Flynn staged at Maemo and Geranium, followed in 2018 by the highly anticipated opening of Gem in New York. There he serves multi-course tasting menus of “nuanced and “lyrical” (NY Times) dishes that more than justify the Bieber-level hype generated by his namesake documentary Chef Flynn. Forget the next big thing. Flynn is already the real deal.

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Ricardo Verdejo

13th - 24th August

There’s well travelled and then there’s Ricardo Verdejo. The young Chilean began his career at Boragó, Rodolfo Guzmán’s Santiago game-changer. It was there that his love affair with food began. After moving across the city to 99, a regular in Latin America’s 50 Best, he headed to NYC to join Enrique Olvera’s team at Cosme, no. 25 in the world. Paris came next. First Fulgurances, cooking alongside Mariana Villegas; later Clown Bar, where as one of just two chefs in the tiny kitchen, he reached “unimaginable heights”. Joining us from his new home in Mexico City, Ricardo will be putting an imaginative, witty and downright delicious spin on the best seasonal British ingredients we can find him, and boy are we excited.

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Emmanuel Prieto

2nd - 13th July

You need Emmanuel Prieto’s Baja-style fish tacos in your life and you need them now. Oh, and his hoja santa empanadas. And his cochinita pibil. And... you get the picture. Emme’s life-long passion for cooking has taken him all over the world, but it’s the traditional flavours of Mexico that continue to inspire him each day. His dynamic, unconventional and downright exciting ‘Mesa Nomada’ pop-up is big news in Mexico DF, so much so that he was invited to be part of René Redzepi’s NOMA Mexico project in Tulum. Like his hero, simplicity, freshness and provenance are Emme’s guiding principles and the results are absolutely thrilling. Best enjoyed with mezcal.

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Colonia VerdeBROOKLYN 25th – 29th June

Colonia Verde

25th – 29th June

De Kalb Avenue has fast become a culinary mecca thanks to neighbourhood hot spots like Colonia Verde. Here husband and wife team Felipe Donnelly and Tamy Rofe draw the crowds with their signature Latin American-inspired farm-to-table cooking and their legendary asados that take place out in the back yard on the last Sunday of every month. Think ‘Lomo al Trapo’ (beef tenderloin, covered with salt and wrapped in a wet cloth before an appointment with the wood-fired grill), or his melt in your mouth ‘confit duck tacos’, accompanied by crunchy yucca and tangy Catupiry cheese. Come hungry, because these guys live to feed you.

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Yuji TaniTOKYO 18th – 22nd June

Yuji Tani

18th – 22nd June

Yuji Tani is an intriguing character. Covered in tattoos, which still carry the stigma of organised crime in Japan, he quietly goes about his business producing deceptively simple and impossibly beautiful French-Japanese dishes that are as pretty to look at as the body art that adorns his arms. Located in Tokyo’s Nishiazabu neighbourhood, ‘HOUSE’ has become a cult favourite, serving up “homestyle” dishes from its open kitchen made with love from fresh ingredients delivered daily from small-scale producers around Japan. Up next for Yuji is a hotly anticipated opening in Brooklyn, NYC. But first, Carousel, where tattoos aren’t just tolerated, they’re encouraged.

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