Our open kitchen is home to an ever-changing line-up of talented chefs from around the world who share our philosophy on what eating out should be all about: amazing cooking, friendly service, a relaxed environment and a shared experience from one table to the next.

Starting with Ollie in the kitchen - who has the enviable task of curating the line-up - our team works closely with the resident chefs to ensure that no matter who’s cooking, the Carousel personality is always at the heart of the experience.

Advanced bookings mean less food wastage, which is a good thing for us but an even better thing for the planet.

One sitting - doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Gift vouchers available on request.


Tobyn Excell 21st - 25th November

Tobyn Excell

21st - 25th November

The Kent-based chef and forager has an encyclopaedic knowledge of The Garden of England's natural larder. Herbs, berries, seaweeds, mushrooms, mosses... If an ingredient grows in the wild and it won't kill you, chances are Tobyn knows what to do with it. His passion for foraged ingredients has taken him far and wide, including a stopover at René Redzepi's Nordic Food Lab, and his adventures are reflected in the imaginative and nuanced dishes that he likes to cook (think 'Beef and Roses with Dulse Butterscotch' and 'Japanese Knotweed with Praline and Soured Cream'). Not only is dinner with Tobyn an extraordinary culinary experience, it's educational too. You'll be blown away by the sheer diversity of incredible ingredients that are growing right on our doorsteps.

Nama by Keiji Matoba 28th November - 2nd December

Nama by Keiji Matoba

28th November - 2nd December

Nama, meaning 'raw' in Japanese, is a celebration of the country’s proud washoku tradition, a UNESCO-recognised culinary philosophy that elevates cooking to an art form and takes years to perfect. With twenty-one years of experience under his belt, head chef Keiji Matoba is a true master at marrying the freshest flavours with ancient techniques to create “simple yet sophisticated Japanese dishes with unrivalled quality”. Clean, healthy and perfectly balanced, Keiji's exquisitely crafted sushi and sashimi is amongst the finest you'll find outside Japan.

Massimiliano Musso 5th - 9th December

Massimiliano Musso

5th - 9th December

Nestled in the Colline Alfieri above Asti, Piemonte, Ca' Vittoria has been in the family for four generations. Following in the footsteps of his legendary grandmother Gemma, head chef Massimiliano has upheld the restaurant's exacting, Michelin-starred standards since taking up the mantle five years ago, pouring his creativity into technically accomplished, delightfully imaginative dishes like 'Agnolotti del Plin with Duck, Burrata, Coffee and Pistachio', while his wife Valentina takes care of Ca' Vittoria's remarkable wine list. It's a winning combination and one we're excited to bring to London this December in partnership with Saclà, another Italian family affair.


Christmas by Carousel

This Christmas we’re wheeling out the big guns with an all-star menu of shameless seasonal crowd pleasers. We’re talking Isle of Mull Scallops, Smoked Beef Short Rib and Wood Grilled Venison, accompanied by so-wrong-they’re-right Bone Marrow Potato Cakes and Brussels Sprout Tops with Fermented Chilli to keep the purists happy. Also featuring is our House Cured Guanciale, made with pork from Jamie’s Farm , our partner charity. Delivering a residential programme that powerfully combines Farming, Family and Therapy, Jamie’s Farm enables disadvantaged children to thrive during their secondary school years, and beyond. All proceeds from the extra course at dinner will go to straight to the charity, so make sure you come hungry. You can also donate directly here if you like. Thank you.


Au Passage 7th - 18th November

Au Passage

7th - 18th November

Au Passage is up there with the trendiest - and liveliest - joints in Paris, and that's saying something. Serving up a daily-changing chalkboard menu of seasonal 'tapas' using “raw fish, biodynamic veggies and nose-to-tail meat”, Au Passage has achieved bone fide icon status thanks to creative dishes like langoustine, leek (ash, velouté and julienne), root fries, dill and parsley oil. Head chef Dave Harrison (a Texan no less) makes his own bread, butter and charcuterie, while everything is washed down with an enviable 'cave' of natural wines and “maximum vibes”. Snagging a table at Au Passage is like winning Le Super Loto, so book in rapidement to avoid disappointment.

Vítor Claro 24th October - 4th November

Vítor Claro

24th October - 4th November

Legendary Portuguese chef Vítor Claro spent two decades cooking in some of the country's finest restaurants, including a critically acclaimed place of his own close to Lisbon. He now dedicates his time to the more tranquil art of viticulture, which made his London appearance all the more exciting. Vítor’s Carousel menu features contemporary takes on Portuguese classics like Bacalhau á Conde de Guarda (salt cod), paired with some delightful local wines, including ‘Dominó’, a muscular red from his own vineyard in the granite and quartz hills of Alentejo.

Tom Brown 17th - 21st October

Tom Brown

17th - 21st October

Tom’s Cornish roots run deep. SW3 is a long way from Port Isaac but the fish at ‘Outlaw’s at The Capital’ is every bit as fresh and the cooking every bit as excellent. It’s all about no frills simplicity and cleanliness on the plate. After retaining the restaurant’s Michelin star and winning universal acclaim for his adventures on Great British Menu, Tom has taken on another exciting challenge: opening a place of his own out east in Hackney Wick, where he plans to keep doing what he’s doing with characteristic effortlessness (and slightly louder music).

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