With virtually all of its chosen ingredients caught, picked, foraged or grown within a few miles of the city, Sitka Studio in Damansara Heights stands out from the Kuala Lumpur restaurant crowd. Scottish-Mexican chef Christian Recomio - also founder of the celebrated Moonfish Café in Aberdeen - focuses on traditional techniques like fermentation, brining, pickling, smoking, salting and marinating to showcase the best of Malaysia’s produce. The ambitious, playful tasting menu changes every Friday (the rest of the week is spent developing new dishes) and features outrageously tasty things like ‘Chicken Parfait, Yuba Skin Tart and Dehydrated Mulberry’, ‘Tare Glazed BBQ Barramundi, Salted Daikon and Daikon Vinegar Cream’ and Christian’s now legendary ‘Duck Confit Fried Bun’, that have deservedly earned Sitka destination restaurant status in a city that’s fast becoming one of Asia’s genuine food capitals.

*Unfortunately this week we are unable to cater to dairy-free options*


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