No two days at Carousel are ever the same. And not just in the restaurant either. Since opening our doors five years ago, we've fast become one of London’s most vibrant and varied creative hubs, playing host to an ever-changing line-up of art exhibitions, film screenings, photography masterclasses, live acoustic sessions, cookery workshops, wine tastings, wildlife drawing classes and all manner of extraordinary culinary and cultural experiences that you won't find anywhere else in the capital.

Our experiences can also be booked for private events and away days, with bespoke packages available for pasta making, modern calligraphy, wine tasting and more... Get in touch with our events team for more info.

Get in touch to info@carouselspaces.com


Pasta Making Workshop 11 Jan, 14th March, 16th May, 18th July, 26th Sept 2020

Pasta Making Workshop

11 Jan, 14th March, 16th May, 18th July, 26th Sept 2020

Join us for our latest pasta workshop and learn how to knead, roll and shape like a true Italian nonna. In just a couple of hours you'll learn how to master two types of dough (classic egg and simple semolina), which you'll transform into various shapes including tubes of garganelli and dinky cavatelli. Under the care of our expert chefs, you’ll also be making a delicious pasta filling and gaining tips and tricks on pairing the perfect 'sugo' with each pasta shape (that's sauce to you and me). All this before sitting down to a delicious lunch, enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Calligraphy for the New and Curious 21st March, 30th May, 5th Sept, 14th Nov 2020

Calligraphy for the New and Curious

21st March, 30th May, 5th Sept, 14th Nov 2020

Join resident stationery queen Alice Gabb for an introductory class in the art of Modern Calligraphy. This is a beginners' workshop, which will start with an introduction to good technique and some nib knowledge. Alice will then guide guests through some practice exercises, moving on to letterforms, and by the end of the session everyone will be able to write their name, or a favourite quote, in Modern Calligraphy, with Alice always on hand for assistance.

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BBQ Masterclass with Carousel

13th June & 8th August 2020

This first ever BBQ masterclass hosted by the Carousel team will teach guests the art of “next level” barbecuing. The workshop will include hands-on lessons in mastering the techniques of smoking, marinating and grilling meats to perfection, followed by a step-by-step guide to creating the ultimate BBQ accompaniments.

Wild Life Drawing with Jennie Webber
15th Feb. & 8th March 2020

Wild Life Drawing
with Jennie Webber

15th Feb. & 8th March 2020

It’s life drawing but not as you know it. Instead of human life models, creatures great and small come to ‘sit’ for us…or wriggle about, in the case of Jemima the micro pig.

Artist and animal lover, Jennie Webber, will guide you through the ins and outs of sketching animals from life be it wolf-dogs, corn snakes or baby owls. Throughout the session you’ll also hear from experts, learning about the animals’ habitat and distinct characteristics.


Food Photography with David Loftus
Saturday 16th November

Food Photography
with David Loftus

Saturday 16th November

World renowned photographer David Loftus returns to Carousel with another exclusive masterclass. In this easy-going morning workshop David will give students an exclusive tour of his 'Above' exhibition before revealing the secrets to his effortless style. Together you’ll snap Carousel’s chefs in action, hand-rolling the tagliatelle that you’ll later sit down to photograph (and then enjoy for lunch, with girolles, egg yolk and truffle for company)...

Frieze Academy
How to Build a Social Strategy
in Arts & Culture

Friday 12th July

We're pleased as punch to be collaborating with the coolest (and artiest) kids on the block - Frieze Academy - who are hosting a series of talks and discussions at Carousel led by some of the most influential people in the biz. Hosted by Ahmad Swaid, Head of Social at Dazed Media, this workshop, will explore how to stay relevant on social media, find your visual voice, and keep audiences engaged in the modern digital landscape.

Lizzie Thorne Flowers Saturday 29th June

Lizzie Thorne Flowers

Saturday 29th June

Come and hone your green-fingered skills with East London based florist, Lizzie Thorne. In just two and a half hours you’ll learn about colour palettes, perfect shape pairing and key floristry techniques as well as choosing from a stunning selection of seasonal flowers and foliage to create something completely unique to you.

'Migrations: All Our Voices' Monday 17th June

'Migrations: All Our Voices'

Monday 17th June

We're thrilled to be partnering with the OCC for the launch of 'Migrations', a new series celebrating cultural difference as a positive and defining characteristic of British culinary culture. Kicking things off we have a very special dinner from our old friend Romy Gill MBE. Romy is joined by guest speakers Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, two of the UK's most powerful advocates for the interests of those in migrant communities. Don't miss out.

Frieze Academy:
How to Curate an Exhibition

Friday 7th June

Join Frieze Academy - curators of talks, conversations and short courses exploring all aspects of the worlds of art and culture - for a one off workshop on ‘How to Curate an Exhibition’. Headed up by Amira Gad, Curator of Exhibitions and Architecture at the Serpentine Gallery, with guest speaker Eleanor Nairne, Curator at the Barbican Art Gallery, this full day workshop covers what the role of a curator means, how it’s evolved over time and the different approaches to curation including its challenges and best practices based on real-life case studies.

Toshio Tanahashi x Carousel Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June

Toshio Tanahashi x Carousel
Shojin-Ryori Weekend

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June

‘Vegetable Whisperer’ Toshio Tanahashi returns to Marylebone with a shojin-ryori double header celebrating this ancient Japanese plant-based style of cooking. For Toshio, shojin isn’t just a matter of technique, but a spiritual experience that he hopes will lead towards greater understanding of the way we view our food and our dietary habits.

Wild Life Drawing with Jennie Webber

Sunday 19th May

It’s life drawing but not as you know it. Instead of human life models, creatures great and small come to ‘sit’ for us…or not, in the case of Jemima the micro pig. Artist and animal lover, Jennie Webber, will guide you through the ins and outs of sketching animals from life be it wolf-dogs, corn snakes or baby owls. Throughout the session you’ll also hear from experts about the animals, their habitat and distinct characteristics.

Voices At The Table Monday 1st April

Voices At The Table

Monday 1st April

From the talented team behind At The Table, we’re very excited to be hosting the next instalment of ‘Voices At The Table’ - a series of curated evenings around food, including readings and performances from an eclectic mix of voices from the food world be it chefs, poets, food writers and anything and everything in between.

'Preserving the Japanese Way'
Miso Masterclass with Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Saturday 30th March

Nancy Singleton Hachisu is one of the world’s leading authorities on Japanese cuisine, with three bestselling cookbooks that aim to preserve the country’s disappearing culinary traditions. In this exclusive Carousel masterclass, Nancy will teach you how to make your own miso by hand, using an age-old method and specialist tools, whilst you sample some authentic Japanese dishes, each one illustrating the wonderful ways you can use your miso at home. Miso-cured egg with Wadaman 7-spice (as seen on Netflix smash hit, ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’), breakfast radish with brown rice miso and baby carrot with barley miso, all served with ume-furikake rice balls and washed down with barley tea.

Sofar Sounds Monday 11th March

Sofar Sounds

Monday 11th March

Our favourite live music discovery community is back for another acoustic session in our Downstairs space. Sofar Sounds attracts an incredibly gifted bunch of up-and-coming talents for intimate live shows of exciting new music. We're lucky enough to have a few free spots for friends and family (that means you) - so sign up for the guestlist and we’ll pop your name on the door.

Cult Vinegar Workshop Saturday 23rd February

Cult Vinegar Workshop

Saturday 23rd February

The guys behind Cult Vinegar are coming to Carousel for a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn about the process of making vinegar in small batches. These delicious vinegars are not only a fab way to reduce wine waste but their probiotic nature come with a whole host of health benefits – so it’s a no brainer, we all need to get vinegar-making.

Tara Cookery 9th February 2019

Tara Cookery

9th February 2019

You’d normally find Tara Guinness rustling up dishes from our fabulous lunch menu or working alongside one of our international guest chefs as part of our dinner service here in the Carousel kitchen. But as a special treat, we are very excited to present a new series of cookery classes in which our very own Tara will be sharing her skills from vegan cooking to butter and cheese making. All levels welcome.

Wine Tasting with Matt Varona 1st February 2019

Wine Tasting with Matt Varona

1st February 2019

Carousel's resident wine nut Matt Varona is back with another evening of informative, informal wine tasting. In these relaxed and unpretentious monthly sessions, Matt introduces the uninitiated to lesser known natural wines, accompanied by a smörgåsbord of seasonal snacks from Ollie Templeton and the Carousel kitchen team.

Paper Flower Workshop with Pom Pom Factory

28th January 2019

Come and learn how to make beautiful paper flowers with Karen Hsu from East London paper florists, Pom Pom Factory. Made from 100% biodegradable, recycled, quality crepe paper from Italy, these bouquets make the perfect gift that will stay blooming for years to come. Not only will you leave with your very own floral centrepiece, but you‘ll also receive a practical guide and a set of templates so you can continue getting creative at home.

Deliciously Ella Yoga & Dinner

28th January 2019

We’re excited to be welcoming Deliciously Ella back in the New Year for an evening of relaxing yoga and plant-based feasting - perfect for brightening up your January blues.

Candle Making with Mckinley and Paget

26th January 2019

Join us for a hands-on masterclass with makers of clean burning, ethically made candles, McKinley & Paget. After a short introduction to candle making and McKinley & Paget’s work, you’ll be ready to get started on your own scented candle using a selection of sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients.

Bookbinding Workshop 19th January 2019

Bookbinding Workshop

19th January 2019

The London Centre for Book Arts is a super cool open-access studio dedicated to preserving traditional book arts in the UK, in this morning workshop you will learn how to make your very own notebook by hand.

Wreath Making with Lizzie Thorne

8th December

Come and hone your green-fingered skills with East London based Lizzie Thorne Flowers. In just two and a half hours you’ll learn all her expert tips, from use of colour to perfect shape pairing. You’ll take home your newfound knowledge and your beautiful creation.

Wild Life Drawing Christmas Special: Rescue Animals

3rd December

Jennie Webber will be bringing along a whole host of irresistibly cute rescue animals for a special, festive edition of Wild Life Drawing at Carousel. Many animal rescue shelters receive an influx of animals after the Christmas period as the realities of looking after a furry (or scaley) friend kick in. So in this session we'll be supporting the #adoptdontshop motto by celebrating animals that are often given away and make regular post-Christmas appearances at rescue shelters across the country.

Deliciously Ella Talks Gut Health

3rd November

We’re over the moon to be welcoming Ella Mills and the Deliciously Ella team for a very special day of plant-based feasting, kombucha making and gut health discovery.

The Deliciously Ella Story by Ella and Matthew Mills

4th November

You’ll all be familiar with Deliciously Ella and her healthy plant-based recipes, but what you might not know is how Ella and her husband Matt evolved the brand from a health-centric blog to an all-conquering lifestyle brand with an app, deli and a food brand stocked in over 6,000 stores.

Day of the Dead Headdress with Pom Pom Factory

27th October

Get into the halloween spirit with a stand out costume from our very own Pom Pom Factory. Karen will take you through the artistry of shopping your own paper flowers and fixing them together to produce a flower crown with a Day of the Dead theme. This Mexican Halloween holidays is a celebration of life and death and their fascinating costumes are known the world over. You’ll be the envy of any party you attend!

Wild Life Drawing: British Wolves

27th October

The next installment of our Wildlife drawing is bigger, better and scarier than ever as we are joined by the friendliest wolves this side of Canada. Okay, our furry friends are in fact British Lupine dogs that happen to be the perfect wolf doppelganger for this next sketching session. The perfectly tame canines have pure wolf in their bloodline and have even been known to howl at the moon.

Ladies-who-Launch 14th October


14th October

Ladies-who-Launch – a non-profit platform celebrating women in all that they do - is back with another one of their fantastic offline events, bringing like-minded women together for an opportunity to network and share inspiring stories over a delicious Carousel brunch. This very special edition of ‘Ladies-who-Brunch’, will be celebrating Jennifer Nadel and Gillian Anderson’s acclaimed book: ‘WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere’ – an empowering and provocative manifesto for change which inspired Ladies Who Launch (LWL) founder Emma Tattersall and was pivotal in the realisation of the LWL community.

Frieze Academy: Social Media for Art & Fashion

13th October

Join Freize Academy - curators of talks, conversations and short courses exploring all aspects of the worlds of art and culture - for a one off course on social media success in the art and fashion world. Speakers include experts from organisations like the Design Museum, along with digital media specialists and artists Quentin Jones and Unskilled Worker, who bridge both the art and fashion worlds. Offering a wealth of practical tips on using social media effectively in the creative industries, the speakers will talk you through the tools and techniques you need to establish your voice and engage with a diverse audience. The course also taps into the techier side of things (handy for any technophobes out there), including how to pre-programme social calendars and some helpful hints on what to avoid. An unmissable day for any would be creative entrepreneurs.

Frieze Academy: How can art really influence politics?

4th October

Join Frieze Academy - curators of talks, conversations and short courses exploring all aspects of art and culture - for their Artists in Conversation series. First up is Cuban political performance artist Tania Bruguera. In the week that she unveils her new work at the Tate Modern, Tania will discuss her unique approach to art - Arte Util - with Frieze Editorial Director, Jennifer Higgie. Arguing for art’s role as an agent for change and utilising the museum as an active forum for public debate, Tania's provocative work champions freedom of expression.

Seven Dials Craft Weekend 1st and 2nd September

Seven Dials Craft Weekend

1st and 2nd September

We’re very excited to be kicking off the Seven Dials ‘Arts and Craftmanship Month’, with a jampacked weekend full of craft workshops, pop-up stalls, photography and more.
We’ll be showing off our lovely new space in Seven Dials with a hand-picked selection of workshops from our Experiences line-up, including candle making with McKinley and Paget, top floristry tips from the lovely Lizzie Thorne and pom pom making for the little ones with Karen Hsu from Pom Pom Factory.

Shojin-Ryori Masterclass with Toshio Tanahashi

28th and 29th July

After his sell-out Carousel residency two years ago, vegetable whisperer Toshio Tanahashi is back with a very special shojin-ryori workshop. For Toshio, shojin isn’t just a matter of technique, but of a spiritual experience, which he hopes will lead towards greater understanding of the way we view our food and our dietary habits.

Dumpling Making with Chinese Laundry 21st and 22nd of July

Dumpling Making with Chinese Laundry

21st and 22nd of July

After their knockout residency in our restaurant in April, the creative brains behind Chinese Laundry, Peiran Gong and Tongtong Ren, are back... this time round with a series of dumpling making masterclasses.

Yogavibes Workshop

Join yogavibesLDN for 75 minutes of dynamic Vinyasa Flow to kickstart your weekend. Combining traditional yoga postures with a modern dance inspired twist, this popular workshop will help you 'stretch, reconnect and restore' before heading down to the Restaurant for a delicious lunch from the Carousel kitchen.

Food Photography Workshop with David Loftus

Saturday 2nd June

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed and one of the most influential photographers of all time, David Loftus’ stripped-back, fuss-free photographs have brought food to life for millions of people. His friendship with Barak Aharoni inspired the Israeli chef’s Carousel residency and we’re thrilled to announce that the two are also teaming up for a very special Saturday brunch and food photography workshop, surrounded by photos from David’s recent trip to Tel Aviv. Click below to find out more...

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Metallic Screen Printing Saturday 3rd March

Metallic Screen Printing

Saturday 3rd March

Give old possessions a shiny new lease of life with this hands-on, step-by-step guide to the art of metallic screen printing. In this metallic spin on the popular art of screen printing, you'll have the chance to experiment with 'textile metallic foiling', transforming last season's cast-offs into must-have accessories. Once you're done unleashing your inner Andy Warhol, you'll round off the morning with a tasty two-course lunch and a glass of something fizzy in the Carousel restaurant.

Urban Yogi Club with Rikke Brodin Saturday 3rd February

Urban Yogi Club with Rikke Brodin

Saturday 3rd February

Reconnect in the city. In this monthly Saturday club Rikke Brodin will lead you through a deep and healing yoga class before sitting together in the restaurant for a delicious lunch of small plates and a glass of prosecco. Each event is weaved around a different theme of connection.

Brush Lettering for the New and Curious

Monday 22nd January

If your first question is, "what's brush lettering?", you've come to the right place. Join stationer, illustrator, modern calligrapher and Carousel favourite, Alice Gabb, for a fascinating insight into the art of traditional calligraphy. Brush lettering is actually more of a tribute to the real thing, which is good news for beginners as it takes less time to master but looks just as rad. Over the course of the workshop, you'll learn all about letterforms through a series of practice exercises before tackling your own name or a favourite quote.

Wreath Making Workshop with Theatre of Flowers

Saturday 9th December 2017

Alice and Clemmie are strong believers that flowers should be used for all occasions and that each and every one of us has the natural flair to create magnificent pieces of floral theatre. This December, they’re back with another festive ‘Theatre of Flowers’ masterclass, where they’ll be teaching us how to make beautiful and ornate Christmas wreaths that will make all the other wreaths on the street wish it was Easter already.

Pop Up Pottery

Join ceramicist Finola Maynard and her team for a hands-on introduction to pottery, and come away with a selection of your very own handmade ceramic pieces. You’ll learn the traditional techniques for handbuilding and using the pottery wheel through demonstrations and one-to-one tuition, and everyone will have the chance to design and make their very own tiles, bowls and vessels. The workshop also includes a delicious lunch in the Carousel restaurant.

Project Love Salons

In these monthly salons, love gurus Vicki Pavitt and Selina Barker invite smart, creative women to come together to talk about love, relationships and matters of the heart. The sessions will provide a platform to be heard, to connect, to share wisdom and to learn.

Perfume Making Workshop with Experimental Perfume Club

The Experimental Perfume Club is back to host another Perfume Making Workshop at Carousel, led and curated by fragrance expert and founder Emmanuelle Moeglin. Deconstruct the world of perfume, discover its secrets and make your own signature fragrance from scratch. The workshop is an informal, creative, hands-on session that will introduce you to the art and logic of creating a fragrance, and the session will kick off with a delicious lunch in the Carousel Restaurant.

Leather Craft Workshop

Learn traditional techniques for crafting beautiful creations under leathersmith Charlie Borrow’s guidance. After an introduction to the basics of saddle stitching, cutting and finishes, you’ll put your new skills to use to make your very own leather accessory.

Life Drawing with Dan Whiteson

Led by figurative/portrait artist and teacher Dan Whiteson (www.danwhiteson.com), and designed for all abilities, these four-hour long sessions are a heady mixture of art history, performance, drawing, informal tuition and creative experimentation; all set to an eclectic playlist and framing a delicious lunch and drink from the Carousel kitchen.

Screen Printing Workshop with Nicole Line

Nicole Line invites guests to take part in a series of screen-printing workshops at Carousel, giving you the chance to learn a creative new skill and upcycle old possessions. You will be guided through each stage of the process through a series of demonstrations, and everyone will have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained by working collaboratively with others in the group or independently on their own projects.

Basket Weaving Workshop with Emily Hall

Join Emily Hall at Carousel for a two-hour basket weaving workshop. During the class, Emily will demonstrate and explain the basic techniques of basket construction and work closely with you, enabling you to create your very own intricate stake and strand woven basket.

Spoon Carving Workshop with Grain & Knot

Come and learn the skills needed to craft a spoon from reclaimed timber with Sophie from Grain & Knot. Join us for a workshop on Saturday 8th October - leave with your very own hand-crafted timber creation and enjoy a delicious lunch in the Carousel kitchen.

Open Kitchen: Freddie Janssen

My Hungry Valentine's 'Open Kitchen' series returns with pickle pioneer, taco queen, cookbook author and YBFs winner, Freddie Janssen cooking up a Mexican-inspired, family-style feast of freshly made tortillas, world-class game and home made pickles. Join us as we celebrate the talented generation of Europeans redefining this city's tastes.

Photography Workshop with Foto Ruta

Saturday 26th November 2016

Running once a month, discover Marylebone and Carousel’s spaces through photography classes led by photography experts Foto Ruta. Specialising in creative photography experiences, tours and workshops, Foto Ruta’s range of unique and interactive photography experiences are designed to engage people in their surroundings in a sociable and creative way and help people see cities in a different light.

Comedy at Carousel

An evening of comedy in aid of disability-challengers.org, featuring Joe Lycett, Lou Sanders, Alice Marshall, Will Seaward and more... with MC Jonathan Hearn. 7pm - 10pm. Advanced tickets £12.

ShelterBox Charity Dinner with Oliver Rowe and Olia Hercules

Chefs Oliver Rowe and Olia Hercules are teaming up with Carousel to host a one-off feast night to support Shine for ShelterBox - a fundraising campaign being launched by the international disaster relief charity this November. The chefs will create a Haitian-inspired menu with their own unique twist. Currently deployed in Haiti, ShelterBox provides emergency disaster relief and shelter for communities devastated by natural disaster and political conflict.

More Info & Booking

Flower Arranging Workshop with Bloomon

Experts in all things floral, Bloomon, will be bringing their flower-arranging workshop to Carousel this November. Guests will not only learn to assemble beautiful bouquets, but Bloomon will reveal the secrets of the trade for keeping floral artwork fresher for longer. The workshop will be conducted in an intimate setting, followed by a delicious lunch in the Carousel restaurant, and each participant will leave with their very own bouquet.

More Info & Booking

Crossmodalist Gathering

Crossmodalism is a movement born from the synthesis of art, science, and entrepreneurship. It is based on learning and collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas, and communities. Through this foundation, Crossmodalism fosters an appreciation of the full human experience in connection to its sensorial and natural environment. Crossmodalist Gatherings are a space to discuss ideas in their early stages and showcase works and performance related to Crossmodalism. The setting is an informal, open forum oriented towards experimentation and collaboration. Anyone interested in attending is invited to showcase, comment, collaborate, or just learn. The event will begin at 4pm. Crossmodalism operates on a £3 minimum contribution basis. To join the guestlist contact info@carousel-london.com

Open Kitchen: François Roche


Despite the doom and gloom, London remains one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with a unique and exciting dining scene that’s shaped by the inspiring and progressive people at the heart of it... To celebrate the new generation of talented Europeans redefining our city’s tastes, Open Kitchen - a new monthly series with My Hungry Valentine - will hero up-and-coming chefs plying their trade in some of London's best loved restaurants. First up was Frenchie (Covent Garden) head chef, François Roche, a young Parisian who combines French savoir-faire with an open mind, characterised by the little twists that give his dishes a whole new meaning...

An Evening of Short Films with The British Council

We’re very proud to be hosting an Evening of Short Films with The British Council as part of their ‘Shorts Supports Scheme’. Hosted by The BC’s Jemma Desai, we’ll be showcasing a total of six hand-picked shorts, with each one followed by a short Q&A. Doors open at 7.30pm so come and grab a drink and some popcorn before the first screening starts at 7.45pm. Tickets are priced at £12.50.

Silken Favours

Join us from 4pm – 9pm Upstairs at Carousel to celebrate Silken Favours 5th Birthday and brand new shiny website, the Creative Direction and Founder Vicki Murdoch will be creating a fun and colourful environment showcasing her brand new design and products. There will be lots of Silken Favours pieces for sale at special prices and some delicious drinks! Please RSVP to info@carousel-london.com

Jewellery Workshop: Ring & Pendants

Spend your Saturday morning learning jewellery making skills and creating your own unique, organically shaped silver pendant or ring using the lost wax carving technique under the watchful eye of The Pop Up Jewellers. Tickets include, the workshop, materials, your design cast in silver, postage and a delicious lunch in the Carousel restaurant.

'Developing your Personal Brand' by General Assembly

In today's digital world, it's become essential to create your own personal brand, one that'll help you stand out from the crowd. We've teamed up with General Assembly for this thought-provoking and inspiring talk, in which you'll learn how to identify this unique brand, how to build and promote the online and 'offline' elements of your brand, and how to effectively represent both your company and yourself while talking to potential clients, investors or employers. Tickets are free, sign up via the GA website.

A Right Royal Knees-Up by Shuttlecock Inc.

That's right, all you lovely lot are (lime) cordially invited to slip on your winklepickers and heel-click back to The Cobbler’s Awls in April 1969, where indomitable landlady 'Ange' has promised to lay on a right royal knees-up in honour of newly weds Michael, her favourite nephew, and Michael’s heavily pregnant wife, Nicola: “The ‘appy Couple”.

Singha Beer Songkran Festival

Shuttlecock Inc are teaming up with Singha beer to bring a flavour of Thailand's legendary Songkran festival to UK shores (that's Thai New Year to the uninitiated). Taking place Downstairs at Carousel on the 14th/15th April, the party will recreate the bustling streets of Chiang Mai and the thrills and spills of the Songkran water festival, right here in the heart of London.

An Evening of Short Films

Carousel will be showcasing a host of short films by some of the UK's most exciting home-grown talent. We'll be showing seven films in total - including Oscar-winning and Bafta nominated shorts - and each film will be followed by a short Q&A. Short breaks throughout the night will give you plenty of time to stock up on drinks and snacks at the bar. Doors open at 6.30pm so come early and grab the best seat in the house. First film starts at 7pm - £7.50 admission.

Pop-Up Opera at Carousel

Bellini's i Capuleti e i Montecchi (The Capulets and Montagues)
Bellini's classic bel-canto opera is brought to life in an intense chamber production by the critically acclaimed Pop-Up Opera, sung in Italian with English captions. Experience the most tragic love story of all time, for one evening only at Carousel.


Let Flavour&Some help you out of the mundane and into the extraordinary, in this whirlwind of taste, movement and interaction. Choreographed plating and moving tables paired with mouthwatering menus and original scores; let our dancers, chefs and musicians guide you through a night we guarantee you won't forget. This is Pop-Up dining, but like you’ve never felt before.

Maria Banobre: The Sessions

If the words "I'm not good enough" swirl around in your head on a daily basis, then STOP. On the 21st March join Life Coach and Reiki practitioner Maria Banobre for an evening of meditation and life coaching to help you understand how blocked energy within your body can prevent you from tapping into your self-belief reserves and learn how to unblock them and reach your full potential.

FRANK Water International Women's Day Celebration

A sparkling line up of well-known women (and men) will come together on the eve of International Women's Day to raise awareness of women and water by showcasing their food and sharing stories of female empowerment. Hosted by…Lisa Markwell, editor of the Independent on Sunday & Pinky Lilani CBE DL, Founder of Women of the Future Awards. This sensational team of professional chefs and food writers includes: Maria Elia, Olia Hercules, Romy Gill, Paula McIntyre and James Whetlor. Tickets are £40 and include a standing, buffet-style feast, raffle and stories from chefs and speakers.

Frame Yoga

Carousel and Frame Yoga are teaming up for not one but two delicious and nutritious events. Emily Clare Hill will be hosting a fabulous 90 minute morning class guaranteed to wake you up, stretch you out and get your appetite going for the gastronomic treats in the Carousel kitchen.

The Rachel James Experience

This one-day only exclusive event is an exciting opportunity for the public to get up close and personal with the newly exhibited Rachel JAMES’ AW16 collection, ‘GLITCH’, offering a rare glimpse into what is usually kept solely for London Collections: Men and Paris’ Men’s Fashion Week. In addition to this Rachel JAMES is offering a special opportunity for the public to purchase the brand new SS16 collection. Pop in Downstairs at Carousel anytime between 12pm and 6pm.

Comedy Carousel

From the organisers of Popcorn Comedy comes Comedy Carousel: a night of unmissable stand-up comedy that will abolish the January blues. Featuring John Kearns (BBC3 Top Coppers & Best Show Edinburgh Comedy Awards), Nish Kumar (Host, Newsjack BBC Radio), Lolly Adefope, Luke McQueen, Chris Martin and Ed Gamble (E4 Almost Royal) 8pm start. Tickets £10 in advance or £12 on the door. Snap 'em up.

'Syrian Children's Appeal' Brunch

Following their sell-out residency in September, John Gregory-Smith and Carousel are teaming up once again for a one-off Sunday brunch in aid of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on 29th November.
John and the Carousel team will be cooking a selection of Levantine dishes, inspired by their travels, including spicy Shakshuka Eggs, vibrant Sumac Tomato Salad and Ricotta and Honey Pancakes. There will be a Bloody Mary bar for those that need it and fresh coffee and juices served throughout.
We have set the price at £10 a head, but ask that you donate as much as you can on the day. All proceeds will go to Unicef's Syrian Children's Appeal.
Two Sittings: 11:00-12:30 & 12:30-14:00

'The Blue Lotus' Opium Den

Gambling, prostitution, slavery, opium… Chinatown was a colourful place back in the 1870s. This September, Shuttlecock Inc will be recreating The Blue Lotus in all its insalubrious majesty downstairs at Carousel, complete with dim sum, cocktails, live music and immersive entertainment from 7pm ‘til late. Opium will be charged at the market rate.