“The best Mexican food I ate this year came from the kitchen of Gabe Erales” Esquire USA

Gabe Erales’ signature dish is cochinita pibil. It’s the first thing his mother taught him how to cook and has had top billing on pretty much every menu he’s ever written. It’s no wonder the people of Austin, Texas, have crowned him the ‘Prince of Pork’ two years running. At Comedor, one of the hottest openings in America this year, Gabe’s modern Mexican menu is jam packed with instant classics like ‘Huauzontle Fritters, Quesillo, Habanero Ash Emulsion’, ‘Scallop Crudo, Tepache Broth, Pasilla Mixe’ and ‘Double-Cut Pork Chop, Chintestle, Manchamanteles Mole’. Dishes like these bear the heart and soul of the home cooking he grew up with in the beautiful border town of El Paso, along with the invention and hyper-localism of his other two big influences, Jesse Griffiths (Dai Due) and René Redzepi (Noma). Gabe was part of the development team for the legendary Noma Mexico pop-up and you can see that project’s legacy in the way he name checks individual farmers alongside his chosen ingredients (Gabino Mendoza, we salute you). With red-hot dishes like ‘Cochinita Pibil & Pork Belly Memela, Xni-Pec’ on Gabe’s family-style Carousel menu, we couldn’t hope for a more exciting start to 2020. Be sure to join us.


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