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Dacha 46

5th – 9th July

Trina and Jessica Quinn are fast becoming NYC’s pop-up power couple. The duo launched Dacha 46 out of their Bed-Stuy apartment in 2020, making lemonade – or rather pelmeni – when life gave them lemons, and they haven’t looked back since.

Drawing on Jessica’s Latvian-Ukrainian Jewish heritage, Dacha 46 is all about breathing new life into classic Eastern European cuisine with a fresh, irreverent approach. Scything through lazy misconceptions of the region’s food as “very plain, very brown and very heavy”, Dacha 46’s menus are a kaleidoscope of different centuries, countries and cultures.

They approach the itinerant project through the lens of two women who’ve spent their careers working in the restaurant industry, as well as through the queer Jewish experience. In their own words, “queerness isn’t something that has been celebrated in the majority of former Soviet Union nations, so our existence and perseverance is our way of reclaiming our culture and cuisine and welcoming everyone else that has felt excluded to the table”.

Everyone’s invited.

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