Lunch: Tuesday 28th November - Friday 22nd December
Dinner: Tuesday 12th - Friday 22nd December

This Christmas we’re wheeling out the big guns with an all-star menu of shameless seasonal crowd pleasers. We’re talking Isle of Mull Scallops, Smoked Beef Short Rib and Wood Grilled Venison, accompanied by so-wrong-they’re-right Bone Marrow Potato Cakes and Brussels Sprout Tops with Fermented Chilli to keep the purists happy. Also featuring is our House Cured Guanciale, made with pork from Jamie’s Farm , our partner charity. Delivering a residential programme that powerfully combines Farming, Family and Therapy, Jamie’s Farm enables disadvantaged children to thrive during their secondary school years, and beyond. All proceeds from the extra course at dinner will go to straight to the charity, so make sure you come hungry. You can also donate directly here if you like. Thank you.

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