“Vegetables are cool even when they’re not trying to be meat - they’re just rad in and of themselves.” Head chef of Rosalinda - the vibrant, feel-good vegan Mexican joint that has taken Toronto by storm - Matt Ravenscroft is committed to allowing veggies to do what veggies do best: be veggies. Super fun, extraordinarily tasty dishes like Matt’s ‘ceviche of young coconut, apple, celery, pickled shallots and herb leche de tigre’ and ‘beet tartare with avocado salsa, pine nuts, pomegranate, raw cacao and morita chile’ are all about creating interesting, unexpected flavour combinations without messing with the vegetables too much. In his own words, “we want people to see that vegetables are something to really be enjoyed and showcased, not cast to the side of the plate.” The result is some of the most original (and delicious) Mexican food to be found north of the border. Are you likely to find Matt’s ‘sikil pak, roasted cauliflower and pickled chilli tostadas’ on a taco truck in the back streets of Tijuana? No, but that’s half the fun of it.

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