There’s well travelled and then there’s Ricardo Verdejo.

The 28 year-old Chilean began his career at Boragó, Rodolfo Guzmán’s game-changing Santiago institution. It was there that he really fell in love with food, developing a profound respect every single ingredient. After moving across the city to 99, which he helped steer to a richly deserved place in Latin America’s 50 Best, he decided to “push the envelope” and pursue his dreams in New York City, where he “leapt” into Enrique Olvera’s team at Cosme, no. 25 in the world.

After cooking for the Obamas (no biggie) and spending six months eating his way through Asia, Ricardo crossed the Atlantic to cook alongside girlfriend Mariana Villegas at Fulgurances, Carousel’s more grown up Parisian cousin. A move to the legendary Clown Bar followed (the ‘most thrilling’ restaurant in the city), where, as one of just two chefs in the tiny kitchen, he reached “unimaginable" new heights.

Ricardo joins us this summer from Mexico City, where he’s recently relocated to work on an exciting new collaborative project. Featuring gorgeous creations like 'Sea Bass Crudo and Passion Fruit Leche de Tigre'; 'Sardines, Green Piquillo Emulsion, Purslane, Kale and Grapefruit'; and 'Dairy Cow Sirloin lightly cured in Capers, Roast Beef Jus, Artichoke and Hazelnut', his Carousel menu promises to put an imaginative, witty and downright delicious spin on the best seasonal ingredients we can find him, and boy are we excited.

£45.00 for seven courses

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