To call Arnout van der Kolk’s cooking precise would be an understatement. The menu at acclaimed Amsterdam restaurant ‘C’ is split into different sections, from 0-20°C (‘raw and cold’) all the way up to 200°C (‘grill and plancha’), giving diners an intriguing flavour of what different temperatures can do to different ingredients. Achieving such precision takes some skill, and it’s no surprise that Arnout’s previous experience includes some of the country’s most lauded establishments (** Restaurant Ciel Bleu, *** Oud Sluis and ** Aan de Poel, amongst others). To the haters who would accuse ‘C’ of being gimmicky, they need to try his sub-zero creation of ‘Chocolate, Peanut, Banana and Caramel’ first before opening their mouths. His choice of ingredients is key to the overall experience, as are the masterful cocktail pairings, but you won’t need any Dutch courage before attempting his Carousel menu. Just a healthy appetite and a thermometer.

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