‘Japan snuck up on me... For good, or for worse, Japan is deeply and truly my home now.’

Californian food writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu’s Japanese travels were drawing to a close when she met a farmer from Saitama. Before long they were married and she’d moved into his 85-year old rural farmhouse. It was here that her new life began to unfold. That was in 1988 and she hasn’t looked back since…

Her husband and her adopted home provided endless inspiration as she quickly took to life on the farm, learning what it truly meant to eat seasonally and organically and making the most of the land’s wonderful produce. Over the years she’s put her learning on paper, with three best-selling books (‘Japanese Farm Food’, ‘Preserving the Japanese Way’ and the colossal ‘Japan: The Cookbook’) that have cemented her place as one of the world’s leading authorities on Japanese cooking and culinary traditions.

When it comes to Japanese food, Nancy believes that the key to the country’s cooking lies in subtlety - ‘less is more’ - and allowing the incredible, ultra-fresh ingredients to speak for themselves. Her much anticipated Carousel residency promises to give us a glimpse into the ‘honest, authentic and full of heart’ cuisine that she fell in love with and that she’s dedicated her life to preserving.

If you’d like to follow in Nancy’s footsteps, why not book into her exclusive miso masterclass as well? She’ll be talking us through the history and ancient methods of Japanese fermentation before teaching us how to make our own miso at home using a traditional ceramic croc.

Please note, we are unable to cater for vegetarians on this occasion as fish is an integral element to each of the dishes. We can, however, cater for pescatarian and gluten-free dietary requirements.

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