‘Ricochets’ by Geraldine Molia

18th January - 13th March

London based visual artist Geraldine Molia is arriving at Carousel with an exhibition in our Upstairs space entitled ‘Ricochets’: a mesmerizing collection that explores myths, symbols, colours, textures and shapes of stones.

“Ricochets” is the new exhibition by the Franco-British artist Geraldine Molia. Molia explores the myths, symbols, colours, textures and shapes of stones. Appearing insignificant at first sight, stones have been symbols of longevity and strength in many civilisations and across religion, astrology and science. Molia’s art explores the tension between strength of nature and the threat of its disappearance.

Stones are also personally used during Molia’s autohypnosis practice. She imagines carrying stones whilst projecting positive thoughts onto each of them. These visualisations enhance concentration, imagination and general well-being.

Geraldine Molia is a visual artist based in London, with work held in private collections throughout Europe and the United States. The tension within her work echoes the increasingly disrupted weather conditions caused by climate change. Molia hopes to generate a conversation by inviting the viewer to question their own involvement and placement in society in the hope of preserving the environment.

Her work can be seen at: https://www.geraldinemolia.com

Viewings by appointment only, please email info@carousel-london.com

Private Viewing Thursday 23rd January 6 to 8 pm.

Carousel Upstairs
71 Blandford Street,