Chef Antonieta 'Neta' Fernandes Manhão joins us from Macao, just across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Half-Portuguese, half-Chinese, Neta has poured her talent and energy into preserving the unique culinary heritage of this amazing area of East Asia. The semi-autonomous region of China has more Michelin stars than you can shake a stick at but very few people are familiar with the local Macanese cuisine. It blends Portuguese and Chinese flavours with those from Africa, India and South East Asia in traditional recipes like minchi, a classic dish of sautéed minced pork and beef whose name is said to derive from the English word ‘mince’, or casquinha de caranguejo (crab meat baked in its shell with olives, spring onion, turmeric and breadcrumbs). It’s Neta’s mission to change that. The region's food is all about celebrating togetherness - in Neta’s own words, “we cook for our families, and we cook for all” - so it’s only fitting that she’ll be preparing an abundant, family-style spread inspired by the traditional Macanese Cha Gordo (‘fat tea’) for her week at Carousel.

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