The best things in Paris tend to be the ones the locals keep to themselves. But in this day and age, word gets out eventually... Step forward Edward Delling-Williams and his red-hot neo-bistro, Le Grand Bain. Previously head chef at the ever-popular Au Passage and before that, St John, the Englishman has been making quite the splash at this Belleville hidden gem (for ‘hidden gem’ read ‘nigh on impossible to get a table’). The ever-changing, super-seasonal menu of “combustible little bombs, whose fuses are lit live in the windowed kitchen” [Le Fooding] is nothing short of exceptional, featuring instant hits like smoked oysters (wreathed in spirals of apple wood smoke under a bell jar); yellowtail tartare with fennel, crispy pork skin, and fresh herbs; and roasted lamb shoulder that falls to bits at the gentlest prod. The wines are adventurous, the atmosphere is downright rowdy and everyone leaves grinning ear to ear. What more can you ask for?

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