Located on the Refshaleøen waterfront, complete with its own traditional wood-burning sauna, everything at this ethically-minded seafood restaurant from ex-Relæ chefs Daniel Runge Christensen and Kieran McLaughlin is natural, organic, biodynamic and locally sourced. That means fish from sustainable supplier Fiskerikajen, veg from the Birkemosegaard biodynamic farm and herbs from legendary forager Thomas Laursen. The team’s twelve-dish weekend tasting menus are the stuff of legends, featuring inventive flavour combinations like ‘oyster, dill and horseradish’, ‘pike perch, bergamot and mussel juice’ and ‘squid, ramson and beach beet’ that reflect the tiny wooden cabin’s seaside location. Named by the White Guide as one of the best seafood destinations in Denmark, La Banchina is a genuine one-off. It’s also about as Italian as Hans Christian Andersen. Kieran, on the other hand, is as Danish as they come, having grown up in rural Jutland. Confused? Don’t be. It all makes perfect sense on the plate.

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