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"Vintage tiles, stripped-bare walls, a marble bar, cool sounds from Flavier Berger playing in the background… Pretending like it doesn’t know how cool it is, this legendary bistro/dive has become the benchmark of the «faubourgeois» lifestyle. In a joyful hubbub around rustic tableware, East Paris has come to enjoy incredible small plates from chef Harry Vidler..." Le Fooding

Followers of Paris’ relentlessly imaginative bistronomy movement will be well acquainted with 43 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac already, the site of Australian James Henry’s runaway success story ‘Bones’. When Henry upped sticks to Hong Kong, his sous chef Florent Coccoli took over, plonked a ‘J’ over the ‘B’ and picked up where his predecessor left off. Two years on and ‘Jones’ is more popular than ever. Talented Englishman Harry Vidler (another St John émigré) mans the pans these days, producing ultra-seasonal, ultra-sophisticated small plates that are big on flavour without losing any of their elegance. In addition to daintier creations like ‘Mullet Ceviche and Confit Clementine with Basil and Sorrel’ and the deeply umami flavours of his Japanese-inspired 'Miso Cep Broth', Vidler also serves up whacking great (and absolutely terrific) lamb shoulders, whole suckling pigs and meaty pies to share. The Arctic Monkeys soundtrack and the extensive natural wine list only add to the joyful conviviality of it all. We're jonesing for this one already...

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