Meditations with
Gail Love Schock

Join meditation expert and spiritual teacher Gail Love Shock for a series of inspirational workshops on positive mental attitude. Featured in The Sunday Times and Psychologies, her unique approach has taken the world of spiritual healing by storm. The practices Gail teaches are the perfect tonic for the stresses of everyday life and over the course of this series of three workshops, there really is something for everyone.

Shake Yourself Vibrant

Monday 17th September

Shake away stress, creative blocks and lack of sleep with Gail Love Schock. In this workshop you will learn how to improve your mood and recharge your body after a late night, how to use your breath to empower your decision-making as well as improving heart health and outer glow.
Gail specialises in Heart to Brain Cohesion, drawing from ancient and modern practices reaching across Mayan, Buddhism, Celtic traditions to encourage harmony between your three centres: the heart, the brain and the body. Skills like Gail's one-minute shaking therapy can easily become part of your everyday, helping to release stress after a meeting or to relieve that excess pre-sleep energy.


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