Here’s a challenge for you. Take a good long look at Emme Prieto’s seven-course tasting menu of mind-bendingly tasty Mexican awesomeness and do nothing. Just sit there. Play Candy Crush Saga. Don't even think about booking in.

If you’ve got this far you’ve failed, because, like us, you need Emme’s Baja-style fish tacos in your life and you need them now. Not to mention his esquites with guajillo aioli, his hoja santa empanadas, his cochinita pibil, his Oaxacan chocolate mouse... You get the picture.

Emme’s life-long passion for cooking has taken him all over the world, from South America to South East Asia via Scandinavia, but it’s the traditional flavours of Mexico that continue to inspire him each day. His dynamic, unconventional and downright exciting ‘Mesa Nomada’ pop-up is big news in Mexico DF, so much so that he was invited to be part of René Redzepi’s NOMA Mexico project in Tulum.

Like his hero, simplicity, freshness and provenance are Emme’s guiding principles and the results are absolutely thrilling. Best enjoyed with mezcal.

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