Candle Making Workshop

29th September

Join us for a hands-on masterclass with makers of clean burning, ethically made candles, McKinley & Paget. After a short introduction to candle making and McKinley & Paget’s work, you’ll be ready to get started on your own scented candle using a selection of sustainably-sourced plant-based ingredients. Armed with the essential oils provided, you’ll begin by creating unique fragrances, before learning how to combine these with a special coconut wax blend to produce a uniquely scented, plant-based candle (with a 30-hour burn time).

Why not end the workshop with lunch in the Carousel restaurant? Just select "Candle Making and Lunch" for a delicious two-course meal of seasonal small plates once you're done burning the candle at both ends...

Expert Tip: it's best to avoid wearing any loose clothing or jewellery but don’t worry if you do get wax on your clothes - it’ll come out easily in the wash!


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