Former right hand man to Kobe Desramaults at Belgium's legendary In De Wulf and a veteran of both Viajante and The Harwood Arms, Australian Alisdair Brooke-Taylor certainly knows his way around a Michelin-starred kitchen. But that's only half the story. The young Australian has spent the past five years cooking in off-the-beaten-track rural areas and this has heavily influenced the way he sources his ingredients; he bases his choices on close relationships with growers, homesteading techniques and proximity to wild produce, which is how you end up with delightful things like 'grilled cucumber, tarragon, fresh hazelnut and crab butter' and 'sour wild apples baked in salt meringue, langoustine and braised veal' on the menu. In fact, everything on there sounds pretty bloody exceptional, we've just don't have enough space to list every dish...

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